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Ohmigosh, there IS life outside of work! I’ve really got to get out of the office more. And not bring home work at night. And not go in on the weekends. ::sigh::


On the bright side…no work this weekend! Yay! See? I’m making a concerted effort.


Truthfully, it’s my own fault. I’m really good at what I do, but also really slow. Most of my coworkers seem to fly through their workload, albeit frequently at the expense of quality and/or accuracy. A rare few, however, are both fast and good and I hate them. (Okay, not really. But sometimes I want to hate them. Heh.) So I work on my own time to keep up with deadlines and everybody else.


So…is it bad that I spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing? Just sitting around watching TV or shutting off the TV and enjoying the silence. No chores, though I have so many things I really, really need to cross off the list. I did catch up with Last Resort, which I absolutely LOVE, and Revolution, which I’m also enjoying. And I liked Elementary, too.


I’ve been absent from LJ and Dreamwidth for the last two months, so I have no clue what I’ve missed. I’m sure there’s been quite a bit. I hope to get to play a little bit before I drop off the radar again, which I’m sure will happen. Hopefully later rather than sooner, but we’ll see.


In the meantime, glad to see you guys are still here and I sincerely hope life has been kind. If not, hugs all around.


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