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I’m back! Okay, technically been back about a week, give or take. And I know I haven’t been missed since I’m rarely here anyway, so being absent is actually the norm for me. But I’ve been computer-deprived since my poor little laptop (apparently) died and went to laptop heaven and I’m really happy to be able to post to LJ/Dreamwidth again. Yay!

Although come to find out, my former laptop remains only mostly dead, rather than all dead, which means it’s still slightly alive. I actually cranked it up again the other day and even used it a bit and it did okay. Every time I think it’s finally gone for good…it surprises me. Go figure. Guess it’s hard to keep a good Mac down. Heh.

However, since I finally went out and bought a new/used laptop (a PC…gasp!), that’s what I’m on now. It’s lovely to actually have access to sites/videos I couldn’t previously access anymore because my operating system was too old and my browsers were no longer supported.

I’ve checked in on my f-list a couple of times but have mostly been rebuilding my bookmarks and getting things situated, etc. And also figuring out how to use a PC.

I visited my LJ profile page tonight and discovered I have some lovely new friends. Welcome! And I hope it’s okay if I friend you back!

If there's anyone who’s been patiently waiting for (and probably ready to give up on) the conclusion to one of my [community profile] seasonal_spuffy  offerings...“I Never”…I haven’t forgotten about it. I did save what I had and have been trying to finish it.

From a few things mentioned on my f-list, I think recent Season 9 developments make it a bit AU now, but ah well. Sorry it’s still not done. Been having trouble with it since way back when. I keep hoping to break through that wall and zip through what little is left to complete but no such luck yet.

I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with it. Just don’t expect too much when I finally do post it, okay? I’m afraid it’s going to disappoint. ::sigh::

In the meantime, good vibes and best wishes to you all!

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