Aug. 11th, 2012

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Taking a momentary break from work I brought home that will keep me busy all weekend. A few weeks ago, I was told I'd been chosen for a special team to handle a special project over the course of two months. All very flattering, of course, except it's pretty much 24/7 and there have been a few nights when I haven't gone to bed at all. Not that it was required of me to work through the night, but while I'm good at what I do, I'm not as fast as a lot of people.

All of this to say that I haven't been able to see that much of the Olympics. Only bits and pieces here and there and periodic reports. But a huge YAY! to all the inspiring Olympians from around the world--not only the medalists, but all those who have represented their countries with honor and grace. Their commitment and abilities are truly amazing.

And a special whoo-hoo!!! to the American women, who apparently have been especially impressive during these games. I heard earlier today that if they were a country, they would be in third place in terms of gold medals.

Way to go, ladies.


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