Sep. 17th, 2011

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Well, it was actually after we got to the hospital and it wasn’t so funny. My dad, whose cancer has returned, was about to be wheeled into the operating room for a very complicated and high-risk surgery. But there was a slight problem with his EKG and his very conscientious anesthesiologist didn’t want to proceed without talking to his cardiologist.

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On a totally separate note, I’m hoping to be a little more active on LJ (and DW) again, especially since I no longer have to devote any computer time I have to finishing up Marking Time. Yay! (Although I do need to get cracking on my [community profile] seasonal_spuffy ficlets. Heh.)

Sooo, with that in mind, please forgive a blanket Happy Birthday to all my f-listies whose birthdays I’ve missed while I’ve been largely MIA from LJ.

Also, I’m not sure what the next few weeks may bring, so please accept sincere belated September birthday wishes for the wonderful pfeifferpack, lillianmorgan, irvine_selphie and skylee, as well as early b-day wishes (also September) for the fabulous powerofthebook, wickedgillie, [personal profile] sophiabrooks , [personal profile] rebcake  and kathylovesspike.

And early October b-day wishes go to the equally fantastic [personal profile] elisi  and [personal profile] uisge_beatha .

I hope your days were and will be everything you want and more!


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