Mar. 7th, 2011

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Okay, Chapter 23 of Marking Time is ready to go, but I won't be posting it tonight after all. I'm having technical difficulties. I'm sure it's something that a 5-year-old could solve in two seconds flat. But, unfortunately at the moment, I'm not a 5-year-old. ::sigh::

I have an old laptop that uses the Mac OS X 10.3.9 operating system. I've been using Firefox as my browser. I thought that was the latest version I could use. I know there was a reason for that. I'm pretty sure I googled it in the not too distant past.

Then last night, when I quit out of Firefox, it vanished. Completely. The only thing I could find was a very old version (1.0.4). It still has my bookmarks, including one that I made last night, but it's the ooooolder version.

So I googled tonight to find the latest version I could download again. Only this time I found a couple of forums saying I could download and use version So I did.

But when I went in to install it, suddenly the was there again. But, like the version, it's the dmg file and is not installed.

So now I've got the old version and two different uninstalled versions.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? Otherwise, I'll ask one of the tech guys at work tomorrow and hopefully be able to straighten things out and get the next chapter posted. Right now, I'd have to use html coding to post it, and I'm just waaaaaay too spoiled to go back to doing that if I don't have to.


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