Mar. 18th, 2012

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First off, don’t get me wrong…I like my new (-ish) PC, especially since it would’ve taken me a lot longer to get back online if I’d waited till I could save up enough to buy a Mac. (Pets PC.) But I do miss some of the quick-and-easy Mac features like click-and-drag screen shots (that grab only what I want to grab, not the whole screen) and iPhoto and a bunch of other stuff. Using print screen then pasting it into Paint is so cumbersome, and it seems to be an all-or-nothing proposition.


Ah well. Enough with the spoiled, ungrateful whining.


I’d like to sign up for the next round of

[community profile] seasonal_spuffy , but I won’t unless I can finally break through the block that’s holding up the second and final part of “I Never” (started this during the last round and just realized I never linked it here). That doesn’t give me much time, so I’ll probably sit this one out. (Or get reeeally motivated. Heh.)



I think, having finally finished “Marking Time”…AFTER SIX FREAKING YEARS…my subconscious mistakenly thinks I need another WIP. It’s probably rubbing its tiny hands together and bwa-ha-ha-ing in evil glee. And speaking of hands…on the one hand, it’s only a two-parter, so it could be worse. On the other hand, that makes it even more ridiculous that I haven't finished it. Ugh.


As for BtVS Season 9, I have some spoiler-type thoughts about the latest developments and reader responses to same.

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Just noticed my previous post seems to be in two different fonts and I have no idea why. I went back in to edit it but I don't see a place to choose fonts. Oh well. ::scratches head::

Also, I almost gave myself a heart attack. I was trying to edit one of the categories in my Memories on LJ. I wanted to change Marking Time (WIP) to Marking Time (Completed) and wound up deleting the post containing the last chapter (and comments). Luckily, I still had the browser window open and was able to click back and add it back to my Memories. Whew! Mini crisis averted.

So I've learned a valuable lesson. Once you name a category in LJ Memories, you're stuck with it forever. Unless someone knows how to change it without deleting it or any of the entries. If so, please enlighten me! :-)


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